G2 Deployment Advisors Awarded Tufin America’s Services Delivery Partner of the Year

Friday, 19 July, 2019 | Category: General

Boston – July 19, 2019 – G2 Deployment Advisors (G2DA) was recognized as theTufin 2018 America’s Services Delivery Partner of the Year at theTufinnovate user conference in Boston on July 10, 2019. Mike Menegay, Vice President of Tufin Global Channels, presented the award, praising G2 for their outstanding professionalism and expertise, specifically their high level of commitment to excellence provided to customers. “The partner we recognize today as our Top Services Delivery Partner for the Americas is an extension of Tufin’s own delivery team. They’re not only highly competent to deploy Tufin solutions but they also use their expert scripting skills on a regular basis to build custom integrations between Tufin and other manufacturers and publishers.”

G2’s recent achievement follows accolades in 2016 when the company was recognized as Partner of the Year, and in 2017 when they were designated as North America’s first and only Tufin Technologies Service Delivery Partner (SDP). Tufin’s exclusive program requires that Service Delivery Partners are certified experts in deploying the entire Tufin Orchestration Suite and capable of configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining the software in production environments. In addition to maintaining their first and only SDP status in the Americas for the second consecutive year, G2 remains a select Tufin Gold Partner.

When asked to comment on the recent award and the current status of G2 Deployment Advisors, David Goodman, Founder and Director of Engineering stated, “We are honored to receive yet another award in support of Tufin. This accomplishment further reinforces our position as a premier full-service security automation provider and integrator. It is critical to our customers that we maintain this level of partnership and expertise. The demand for deep integration of complementary solutions has really soared. Solution providers have embraced the need for this integration and built comprehensive hooks to make it possible. We are at the forefront of making it all work together.”

About G2 Deployment Advisors

G2 Deployment Advisors is comprised of a team of technology professionals with over 35 years of experience in enterprise solution implementation, process design, deployment, training and sales. G2’s model is to provide the highest level of expertise and representation for fully vetted solutions with people who know exactly how to support them. All the way from ensuring that you buy exactly what you need, through the design phase to deployment, and finally support. Meet the team and find out more at www.g2da.com