For many organizations, the biggest hurdle to deploying critical new technology is the lack of resources to do so. In today’s competitive IT environment, it is difficult enough to find and retain good technical resources. Even if you are fortunate enough to be fully staffed, the learning curve can be steep for process oriented solutions. It takes a significant amount of time and exposure to gather the experience necessary to leverage industry best practices and understanding.   Whether your business focus is retail, financial, telecom, manufacturing, banking, education or something else, rest assured G2 has the relevant experience.

Starting with a full assessment of the state of the art technology, G2 will guide you through all aspects of your project lifecycle. Whether it is outlining your acceptance criteria, proof of concept support, product testing, production design, pre-staged deployment, full production testing, deployment and training. The result is a turnkey solution that you can be proud of ad your team can easily maintain.