G2 Deployment Advisors has joined the Resilience reseller network to offer CyberSecurity appliances

Friday, 24 April, 2015 | Category: General


G2 Deployment Advisors has signed an agreement with Resilience Technology Corporation to resell a wide range of its CyberSecurity products in North America. Resilience has been designing and manufacturing advanced CyberSecurity hardware for the industry’s leading Defense-In-Depth security applications since 1995. Appliances built by Resilience have no End-of-Support date and are all manufactured at the Resilience headquarters in Hanover, MD., USA.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of Defense-in-Depth CyberSecurity products, Resilience Technology Corporation engineers and builds advanced hardware for the industry’s leading cyber-security applications.

Resilience appliances are manufactured in Hanover MD and preserve budget dollars because they are built to last and have no End-of-Support dates.  Your organization will never again be forced to replace perfectly good hardware due to vendor mandated EOL schedules.